It’s the moisture retention and healthy curls for me. Give yourself the hair you’ve always imagined with products that make a difference with Two Gurls with Curls.


Created to showcase the natural beauty in all girls, we wanted to formulate products that not only felt pure on your hair but were completely pure. With all-natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients, we represent a health-first brand that prioritizes what goes into our bottles while also ensuring they give the results you need. Curls can get complicated, and we understand from experience that no two days are the same. With Two Gurls with Curls you can trust that our collection of leave-ins, crèmes and oils give you lasting style on any day of the week. With the patience and research to get our formula right, founders and sixteen-year-old twin sisters, Aaliyah and Allanah were constantly experimenting with different ingredients to stimulate hair growth and lock moisture. Through many trials, errors, and building knowledge along the way, they discovered the perfect combination that gave their hair the health and length they desired. Expanding on their passion for curating confident coils, the two set out to create products with girls with curls in mind.

Two Gurls with Curls are dedicated to making ladies of all hair types fall in love with their curls. It’s not always an easy path when exploring your hair journey. Our hair has a mind of its own and craves different demands constantly. From high porosity to heat damage and extreme dryness, your crown of curls deserves the best that nature has to offer. With so many fast-changing beauty trends and rushed processing to appease the crowd, it can feel impossible to know what truly works for your head of uniquely patterned strands. The challenges of self-acceptance, love, and patience can have ladies feel defeated and want to take the easy way out, resulting in harmful chemicals. Two Gurls with Curls aims to empower girls by nourishing the health of their body and mind through products that transform not only how you look but how you feel as well. Explore the natural version of yourself, both inside and out, and see the difference it makes on your hair


Hair maintenance is an ongoing process when it comes to curls and coils. Our mission at Two Gurls with Curls is to make your wash days count, giving you the power to feel confident while still maintaining the true visionary that lies within. We want each person who shops with us to feel empowered to shake the curls out and radiate in their admiral features with pride. It’s a reminder that everyone should feel honored to be part of this naturally curled community. By cultivating this brand, it is our hope that we close the gaps on standard views of what it means to be beautiful. Our natural hair, no matter the length, volume, curl type, or porosity, is beautiful. Two Gurls with Curls is committed to providing a business that is not only healthy for your hair but also your mindset.


Two Gurls with Curls strive to be a quality brand that embraces the health of young girls in all aspects of life through our collection of carefully crafted natural hair products. As a family-owned business, it is our priority to present our business in a way that not only showcases who we are but inspires other young girls out there to stay true to who they are, practice self-love, and work hard to cancel out the noise that plagues their minds. In building our foundation as a company, we promise to continue expanding our artistry and shatter the narrative of traditional beauty. All gurls should be able to embrace their incredible curls. Let us help you make it happen.